ULI Toronto

Giaimo’s Creative Director Stephanie Mah is a speaker as part of ULI Toronto’s Earth Week 5 Part Webinar Series April 22-26 2024. Climate is shaping the future of real estate. From public policy reform, infrastructure investments to international competitiveness, local industry professionals must keep abreast of the dynamic landscape on which developers and asset managers conduct business. Join ULI Toronto as we seize the opportunity to explore the local and international forces at play at the intersection of climate and real estate.

Stephanie will be speaking as part of the session on Circular Economy: Lessons from Europe on Friday, April 26, 12-1PM, alongside Christine Fang-Denissov from Urban Strategies and Robert Raynor from TAS, moderated by Robyn Brown from Arcadis. This past fall, two Toronto industry delegations explored the circular economy frontier in Europe, the forefront of global sustainable real estate practices. They investigated the trends, case studies, and key insights on sustainability, resource efficiency, and economic profitability within the sector – including strategies to reduce waste, maximize resource utility, and create lasting value. Join ULI Toronto‚Äôs final Earth Week webinar, unveiling the innovative practices driving the circular economy in European real estate to Toronto’s industry leaders. Learn more and register here.

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