As of October 2023, Giaimo’s Creative Director Stephanie Mah has been elected to ICOMOS Canada’s Board. ICOMOS Canada is the Canadian national committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). Since 1975, ICOMOS Canada has been at the forefront of the heritage conservation movement in Canada and abroad, actively contributing to the development of the theory and practice of cultural heritage conservation.

Today, ICOMOS Canada and its members continue to play a leading role in influencing national and international policies through innovative thinking and holistic approaches to continuously improve the conservation of cultural heritage for communities.

Internationally, ICOMOS is the only global non-governmental organization dedicated to the conservation of the world’s cultural heritage places. Through over 100 national committees and 28 international scientific committees, it brings together professionals from such disciplines as architecture, archaeology, planning, engineering, anthropology, art history, and geography to develop and discuss the theory and application of best practices to the conservation of buildings, landscapes, and sites. One of its important mandates is to advise UNESCO on cultural heritage matters especially in the context of the World Heritage Convention.

The ICOMOS Canada Board of Directors is composed of:


  • Mathieu Dormaels, President (Quebec)
  • Rebecca Jansen, Vice President, Government of Yukon (Yukon)
  • Mario Santana-Quintero, Treasurer, Carleton University (Ontario)
  • Stephen Fai, Secretary, Carleton University (Ontario)

Board Members

  • Nour Riyadh Guessoum, Intern Architect (OAQ) | Heritage conservation consultant (Quebec)
  • Shabnam Inanloo Dailoo, Athabasca University (Alberta)
  • Jean Laberge, Architect, City of Montreal (Quebec)
  • Daniele Malomo, McGill University (Quebec)
  • Marcus Letourneau (Ontario)
  • Lucie K. Morisset, Université du Québec à Montréal (Quebec)
  • Stephanie Mah (Ontario)
  • Michael McClelland (Ontario)


  • Maryssa Barras, Executive Director/Project Manager (Ontario)

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