Concept 2 of 3 for the potential conversion of the Arts Resouce Centre (45 Queen St.) into a cultural hub



The City of Oshawa is undertaking a Feasibility Study related to the potential conversion of the Arts Resource Centre (A.R.C. at 45 Queen St.) into a cultural hub. Phase 1 of the Study’s public and stakeholder consultation was held earlier this year and resulted in a vision for an accessible and inclusive space for creative participation supporting artists, creatives, and members of the public with arts programming and opportunities for creative expression. 

Giaimo has translated the community’s collective feedback into three exciting preliminary designs, which include conceptual exteriors (i.e. potential building facades, entrances, signage, etc.) and layouts of interior spaces/areas (i.e. potential locations for workshops/classrooms and administrative offices). 

The City and project consultant Nordicity are interested in understanding which conceptual design and scale best resonates with the Oshawa community, and will use public and stakeholder input to inform the Feasibility Study’s final recommendations. All responses are anonymous. Learn more about the concepts and provide your feedback here:

Below are the public presentation boards that can be viewed in-person at the Arts Resource Centre.

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