ACO Toronto, August 2021

On August 4, 2021, Giaimo and ACO Toronto revealed a new exhibit and art installation at The Oculus in the City of Toronto’s South Humber Park. The temporary free outdoor exhibit will be on-site from August-September 2021, as part of The Oculus Revitalization – a Park People Public Space Incubator (PSI) Project. Check it out and tag us on Instagram and Twitter!

Whether you’re wondering “what’s a park pavilion?” or “why does it look like a flying saucer?”, the exhibit shares details on the history of The Oculus, the revitalization project, park pavilions, space-age architecture, and more. Designed by Giaimo, the exhibit is made of a series of tall bold pink prisms that echo the playful and fantastical nature of The Oculus (also known as the South Humber Park Pavilion), while reflective mirrors allow visitors to explore the space from new perspectives. The placement of the exhibit along the perimeter of the park also ensures that the community can continue using the open grass space and pavilion for passive and active recreation. The exhibit is part of The Oculus Revitalization project, which aims to transform the pavilion into a vibrant community space. Stay-tuned for future programming at The Oculus , which will include free walking tours, the unveiling of a heritage plaque, and a number of artist-led events and initiatives in Fall 2021.

Restoration Update: The design and construction team (Giaimo, Walton GC, and Colonial Building Restoration) have initiated a phased approach for the restoration to minimize disruption of public access to the site. The pavilion was fenced off from July 5-August 3 2021 to allow for the majority of work to be completed, which included restoration of the stone structure’s exterior surfaces, flagstone refurbishment below the canopy, and restoration of the pavilion columns and canopy. The newly restored pavilion space is now re-opened to the public, along with the on-site exhibit. The remaining work will be done in short periods throughout the summer, including: new benches, refurbishment of the flagstone edge, and touch-ups to the stone structure exterior. Following the completion of the restoration, Heritage Toronto will be installing a new heritage plaque on-site.

Read the full update from ACO Toronto here.

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