Globe and Mail, 2022

August by Giaimo, a residential renovation and addition for a growing family, has been featured in The Globe and Mail. Associate Ria Al-Ameen toured the recently completed project with journalist Dave LeBlanc in July 2022.

“Walk up the front steps and one realizes that, with the original front door now living new life as a window, something interesting has indeed taken place. Open the new front door and it all becomes clear, as eyes flick from the generous width of the sky-lit foyer to the new, repositioned (and safe) staircase, and all the way to the backyard via big sliding doors. There is also the matter of the lovely textured and termite-tunneled wood wall beside the stair; that is what the home’s exterior wall revealed after multiple layers of shingle and InsulBrick were removed.” Read more about the design and process in The Globe and Mail here

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