The front of 211 Yonge


Giaimo receives 2020 CAHP Award

Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals

Giaimo is honoured and excited to share that we’ve received a Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP) 2020 Award of Merit in the Heritage Education, Awareness & Scholarship category for our project Change Comes From Within. 

While working on 21 Dundas Square and 211 Yonge Street, there came a point where tenancy was transferring and the ground floor storefronts were undergoing a period of temporary inactivity. Our client, HNR, was seeking an alternative to the typical signage for the buildings’ glass storefronts, and we recognized an opportunity to promote the buildings’ heritage value by presenting and communicating its character-defining elements through a fantastical installation: Change Comes From Within. The installations draw attention to the buildings’ cultural heritage value, animating the public realm and presenting information in an engaging and creative medium. Learn more here.

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