Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (SSAC)

The Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (SSAC) is a registered charitable organization founded in 1974 by a broadly-based group of people interested in encouraging a greater understanding and development of the study of Canadian architecture. Included in this study is an examination of both historical and cultural issues relating to buildings, streetscapes, cities, and the countryside. Giaimo’s Creative Director Stephanie Mah will be chairing the session Heritage for Whom? Conserving Community Spaces at the 2022 SSAC Conference, which will take place May 25-28, 2022, in Montreal. The session will take place Saturday, May 28, and includes the following presentations: La ville extraordinaire by Dr. Cynthia Hammond of Concordia University; Christian Churches – a continuum through adaptive reuse by Joginder Singh of Toronto Metropolitan University; and Activating heritage through experiential education by Dr. Jessica Mace of University of Toronto.

Photo: Alexandre Choquette / Tourisme Montréal

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