Gravenhurst, 2024

Mitchell May, OAA CAHP, Associate and Heritage Architect at Giaimo, will be presenting at the Ontario Heritage Conference in Gravenhurst, Ontario, June 13-15 2024.

Mitchell will be speaking as part of the session Preserving Potential on Saturday June 15 at 8:30-10AM, alongside Daniel Arellano of Arcana Restoration Group and Gerry Zegerius of Tacoma Engineering. Heritage buildings often find themselves on the brink of demolition, due to neglect, decay, inadequate maintenance, and a pervasive underestimation of their potential. This session explores the challenges facing these structures and the transformative possibilities obtained through enhanced understanding and proactive maintenance strategies for preservation. Drawing upon case studies and best practices, this session delves into the safeguarding of our heritage assets, offering insights from diverse heritage specialists’ perspectives.

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