2022 Toronto, Ontario



DesignTO Festival 2023

DesignTO’s eighth annual symposium, this year titled Trash Talk, brings seven multidisciplinary experts together to design responses to the problem of waste and waste management in the context of the global climate crisis. Speakers include Lauren Goodman, Norwin Anne, Noora Khezri (Mad arkitekter), JP King, Mitchell May and Stephanie Mah (Giaimo), and Kirsty Robertson (Centre for Sustainable Curating at Western University), covering inclusive zero-carbon exhibitions, radical reuse of building materials, food and textile waste, discard culture, place-based design, cultural heritage, degrowth and other thought-provoking topics.

Mitchell and Stephanie will be presenting: Best Before on January 26, 6-8pm. The talk is online/virtual, and free, but registration is required: https://designto.org/event/designto-symposium-trash-talk/

Demolition of buildings has significant negative impacts – from creating unnecessary waste in a climate crisis to erasing the cultural and social stories that are embedded into a place. And yet, many people see buildings as easily disposable. On top of this, the “best before” of a building is almost always premature – a reflection of neglect and a lack of imagination. This talk explores the revitalization and transformation of two buildings, 21 Dundas Square and The Oculus, and investigates how the diverse value of the existing can extend the life of a building in a sustainable and resilient way.

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