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Town of Collingwood, 2021

On October 4, 2021, Nordicity and Giaimo presented the completed Collingwood Arts & Culture Centre Feasibility Study to the Town of Collingwood Council Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee. In 2020, Council approved the funding of an Arts Centre Feasibility Study in response to recommendations in the PRC Master Plan and from the community in response to Asset Sale Proceed recommendations. By December of 2020, an open market RFP for the project had been issued, the competition had been administered, and Nordicity Group Ltd in partnership with Giaimo Architects had been selected as the successful proponent. The purpose of the study was to: evaluate the needs of the arts and cultural community in Collingwood; determine if, and to what degree, there is demand for an arts and culture centre; and assess the feasibility of a new arts and culture centre in Collingwood.

The Study found that there should be sufficient demand from the community and from the surrounding area for a new performing arts centre, and that its development would be feasible provided its design and development, and start-up and operations were capably undertaken. Based on the analysis and consultation led by Nordicity, Giaimo developed size and scale recommendations to meet programming needs identified as part of the desired features of the facility, as well as a location analysis and design guidelines.

Read the Study here.

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