DesignTO Festival 2024

Giaimo is excited to be participating again in DesignTO Festival from January 19-28, 2024. This year we have designed an art installation using salvaged materials, in collaboration with Arcana Restoration, as part of a larger exhibit collaboration. The opening reception is Saturday, January 20, 4:30-6pm: https://designto.org/event/circular-living-lab/

The Circular Living Lab at 165 Niagara Street in Toronto aims to act as an incubator for circular construction and urban mining in Toronto, supporting innovative designers who are leveraging the cultural and environmental potential of the existing. The Lab will feature an integrated art installation that reveals the beauty and craftsmanship of undervalued building materials. It will also include an exhibit featuring transformed and upcycled products and furniture sourced from the deconstruction and salvage of a 9,000 sq.ft. home in Erin, Ontario, which yielded wood, rosso levanto marble, copper sheeting, and more.

Living Labs are industry agnostic. They provide spaces for different groups to come together and build on one another’s knowledge towards a mutually beneficial goal. Here, the goal is to learn how to create a more sustainable built environment and reduce waste through reuse. Visitors will learn how we can collectively shift from linear productions to circular living through community efforts and co-creation.

The launch of the Circular Living Lab is a collaboration between Toronto designers and planners working on deconstruction and reuse:

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