Rawya Al-Ameen


Rawya Al-Ameen

B.ARCH.SCI., m.arch.

Rawya is Zen. Zen is Rawya. The office depends on it. When things get out of hand, Rawya reels it all back and invites us into her exquisite MCA (you guessed it, her Meditation Circle for Architects). Thank you Rawya!

Her project delivery is equally intuitive. Whether it is designing an extension to a home, restoring a 15-storey heritage facade, subduing contractors on site, refreshing weary interior spaces, intensifying the city’s properties, or producing fantastical hand-drawn illustrations - she brings an extraordinary versatility to her work.

This range extends into her life particularities, where her refined palette for all drinks caffeinated is only outdone by her amassed knowledge of French existentialist literature. What was it that Camus said Ria? Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee? Always the coffee Camus. ALWAYS THE COFFEE.