Toronto-based architectural practice, with a focus on design and heritage conservation. 


We like the idea that our work starts with something that is already there, and that this something is seen as a positive thing.

Whether it is the ordinary, the mundane or the extraordinary, we consider each with a value that must play into the process of design.  There is a lot of potential in what already exists.  It is our curiosity and sleuthing that determines what that potential is.  Many times it takes a second glance.  Sometimes a third.

We are often tasked with considering a place or building that is dormant or underused.  Placed in this scenario, our initial intentions are mostly good.  We mean to preserve.  Maybe refresh the archetype.   And we always recognize the wealth of the things that surround us.  We invest in the potential of these conditions.  And we intend to find a means – through architecture – to reinvigorate these surroundings.

From the repair of a masonry wall, the reconstruction of a lost historic element or a new intervention among or within something old – design is in everything we do.

This process recognizes the state of things as they are, records them, and attempts a cordial intervention.  Sometimes the intervention is not required.  And this may mean doing very little, or nothing at all.   Or as close as architecture can get to doing nothing at all.  Which a lot of the time is always something.

We think it is better to be less compulsive and histrionic when we design.   There are no hard and firm rules, the process is always open.   Or at least this is what we strive for.   At times, impulse can be a difficult thing to restrain.

This is the attitude we take towards all our work.


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Toronto, Ontario
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