Mitchell May


Mitchell May

B.ARCH.SCI., m.arch.

Mitchell is an architect’s architect. But he doesn’t wear black (usually) and he doesn’t own thick rimmed glasses (well, not very thick). And he is super nice (kind of rare in our biz). This could be one of the reasons he is other architects’ architect.

Another, is the knowledge, maturity and commitment he brings to the profession. His projects prove it. He restores designated heritage buildings, designs complex brewery additions, retail spaces, offices, custom CNC fabricated truss gusset plates, and Nuit Blanche laneway spectacles. He writes on preserving Canada’s brutalist buildings, races around North York (Canada’s 8th largest city) relentlessly photographing its modernist architecture, and wins design excellence awards. And did we mention he’s a super nice guy?

Oh. And he makes a KILLER gin martini. A little dirty. With olives. 2 please. And keep them coming.