Joey Giaimo


Joey Giaimo

B.Tech., M.Arch., MRAIC, OAA, CAHP

Joey’s knowledge of all things music is impressive. If you have not heard of a rock and roll band from the 70s, or a new indie musician from Vancouver, don't tell him! He'll make you listen to it! And then exhaust several hours of your time divulging their discography, factoids and all related paraphernalia.

When he’s not arguing whether Destroyer is a solo artist or a full-fledged band, he extends his architectural and heritage conservation experience to works at Giaimo, the eponymous practice that reflects these experiences. He shares this practice with his family and friends, who together are finding their place among the city’s urbanisms and architectures, both as designers of new things and stewards for what exists.

Like music, he takes his architectural motivations seriously and tends to rely on the late great Philip Johnson for basic truths: I hate vacations. If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach?