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We like the idea that our work starts with the existing. We find the existing to be valuable.

Whether it is the ordinary, the mundane, or the extraordinary, we consider each with a value that must play into the process of design. We always recognize the wealth of what exists around us. We invest in the potential of these conditions. And we intend to find a means—through architecture—to reinvigorate these surroundings.

There is a lot of potential in what already exists. It is our curiosity and sleuthing that determines what that potential would offer. Almost always, it takes a second glance, sometimes a third.

This process recognizes the state of things as they are, records them, and attempts a cordial intervention. Sometimes the intervention is not required. And this may mean doing very little, or nothing at all—as close as architecture can get to doing nothing at all. However, a lot of the times interventions are needed.

Design is in everything we do. This is the attitude we take towards all our work.





ERA Architects
The following projects were undertaken during Principal Joey Giaimo's tenure at ERA Architects  -  Yonge.  Trinity-St. Paul's.  Dundas Square.  Coliseum Complex.  Ramp.

Lori Kiessling
Photographs for Two Sheds.

Laura May Photography
Photographs of us.

Revelateur Studio
Photographs for Woodbank.  Yonge.  Trinity-St. Paul's Centre.  Coliseum Complex.  Ramp. 

Sanam Samanian 
Curator, Strategist & Futurist Consultant in art, architecture, design.